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Fortune 2000 firms and more than 100 recognized Retailers - Brands in 25 countries select TGN Solutions International GmbH, within the overcrowded space of data mining & analysis, to feed accurate product data into their CPQ,  Pricing & Automation solutions like Pricef(x) , OmniaRetail and more.


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Premium Pricing Data , Assortment Ranges & Promotions Monitoring


Price Intelligence in real time

Monitor prices , promotions , shipping, cashbacks , availability , sizes , rankings and more. Analyse, in real time, the price strategies of your competitors and distributors, anticipate market changes, be alerted. We import all information into your ERP / BI / Pricing systems or you use them through our Cloud Analytics Dashboard.


Catalogue Range Intelligence

Browse through the complete product range of your competitors websites. Analyse in weekly / monthly basis your brand positioning, optimise your catalogue per category based on common / uncommon articles , entry - exit prices , product specs range and more. Be fast and agile on emerging competitor catalogue changes.


Flyers & Newsletters Analysis

Automated delivery of your competitor flyers , brochures & newsletter campaigns in pdf format with your sku & price printed next to matching articles, spreadsheet reports with all the promotional products , prices as also a historical archive. Be the first to know your competition promotions and react before you lose sales. 





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TGN is the ideal partner.

A team of Pricing Data & Analytics experts have your back on a daily basis.

A client oriented mindset as each client is unique.

Google Cloud Price Analytics Dashboard

Understanding your competitor price strategies has never been easier. Use analytics that have been built by the top E-commerce , marketing , commercial and Pricing Managers around the world. People like yourself.

Quickly spot your competitor price trends on your common articles, keep an eye on our Real Time Market Log that pushes any new competitor activity in front of your screen , identify per brand & category your overpriced / cheaper articles that need adjustment.

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Stop browsing in Price Comparison websites

With TGN services you will have all the competitor data you ever needed as seen in the competitor webshops to analyse their pricing strategies.

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What TGN helps you achieve

Save on average 10 hours per week

Save dozens of monthly working hours trying to gather data from various sources and unify them into easy to read reports & charts for your daily competitor monitoring.

Get things done in time

Focus only on reading TGN data & analysing your competitor pricing strategies through our high quality data , automated reports and Google Cloud Dashboard.

Grow your sales 

Find opportunities to grow your sales by optimising your assortment ranges ,  stay ahead of competition as regardless of your online presence, price and other pricing data attributes will always be the no1 conversion variable for the customer.

Accomplish profit goals

Set yearly profit raise goals and accomplish them along with our dedicated to support you team , by creating internal reporting routines and monitoring procedures that will focus on the core assortment and core profit generation articles.

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